Are you exhausted? Tired of feeling tired?

Are you struggling with insomnia, a thyroid problem, periods so heavy they leave you drained? Do you have post-viral fatigue? Or are you simply feeling overwhelmed and burned out?

Hi, I’m Ruth

I trained as a homoeopathic doctor and complementary therapist and I have been helping people rediscover their energy and take back control of their health since 1999. I help them identify the underlying cause of their tiredness, be it due to poor immunity &recurring infections; hormonal problems such as thyroid issues, menopause or period problems; an unhealthy gut, leaky gut or digestive issues; an autoimmune disorder; or long-term stress, loss or trauma.

Through helping people get back their energy I see amazing changes not just in their physical health but also in their ability to enjoy their relationships, reach their potential at work and basically….live the life they dream of.

Underlying all my work is a fascination with the human body and a deep belief that we were created to heal ourselves – without excess rules, regimes or medication.

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Let’s hang out

Are you …

  • tired in the mornings even if you slept all night?
  • not sleeping well?
  • forgetting names of people and places….or where you put your car keys?
  • struggling to concentrate?
  • feeling like your brain is full of cotton wool?
  • not coping?
  • burnt out?
  • struggling to get back to your old self after an illness or trauma?
  • wondering why on earth you are so tired all the time?

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How my approach is different…

  • I take time to get to know you and help you uncover what is really going on. I don’t just look at your current state of health – I get to know your past medical history, your family history and your lifestyle habits.
  • My in-depth knowledge of the human body, coupled with many years experience enables me to quickly identify the root cause of your fatigue.
  • I share everything I know with my clients because I believe we all need to take control of our own health, to understand our bodies and to learn how to heal ourselves.
  • I give you the time and space in which to heal yourself.

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My books are available on Amazon

Books by Dr Ruth Hull
Books by Dr Ruth Hull

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