I think almost every single one of us has at some stage of our lives experienced that awful feeling of simply lying awake all night, waiting for the sun to rise so that we can finally get up and have a cup of coffee.  After it has happened for a few nights then that sense of dread sets in – when you spend half your day dreading the coming night because you know you just aren’t going to sleep.  Or you might be lucky enough to fall asleep and then the dog, or cat, or neighbour….or something…will wake you up around 3am and you will spend the rest of your night lying there staring at the ceiling.

When these sleepless nights turn into sleepless weeks a chronic cycle of insomnia develops – a cycle that is very difficult to break and can often need professional help.  Homoeopathy can work wonders with insomnia and does not interact with any daily medication you may be on. Yet in addition to this, there are 3 simple steps you need to take to get a good night’s sleep.  Put these 3 steps into action TONIGHT and after a week you should hopefully have reset your body clock and broken that awful cycle of sleeplessness.

    • Get into bed at the same time every night.
    • Set your alarm for the same time every morning.
    • As soon as your alarm rings EXPOSE YOUR EYES TO BRIGHT LIGHT for a few minutes (preferably natural) – it is very important that you do this at the same time every day.
    • Do not eat a heavy meal for 3 hours before you go to bed.
    • Have a warm milky drink (see recipe below).
    • Warm up your body – have a warm bath/shower or do some gentle stretching.
    • Get into bed and relax – read, chat to a partner or simply daydream!
    • Your bedroom is for sleep, relaxation and sex only! There must be no TV, cellphones, ipads, flashing digital clocks etc in your room.  It needs to be a quiet, peaceful place that you can retreat to and switch off in.
    • Your room should be clutter free – don’t have piles of unpaid bills or work on your bedside table. Clear out your room so that you only have things that you love and that relax you.
    • Your room should be as dark as possible so that you sleep well.

This lovely ayurvedic drink contains cardamon and nutmeg which are well-known for their sedative properties.  It is relaxing, nourishing and full of goodness.

  • Boil a mug of milk on the stove with a pinch of cardamon powder (or a few pods), a pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of saffron (ONLY a pinch of each of these)
  • The milk must boil for a few minutes
  • Remove from the heat and add a teaspoon of ghee (also called clarified butter….buy in an indian shop or health shop)
  • When it is at a cool enough temperature to drink add some honey to make it taste sweet
  • Optional: add two tablespoons ground almonds or almond powder (brain food).

good night and sweet dreams

Author: Dr Ruth Hull (Homoeopathic Doctor)

Ruth is an integrative health consultant, four-times published author and homoeopath.