Books by Dr Ruth Hull

All of my books have been endorsed and reviewed by awarding bodies and professional associations and adopted by colleges world wide.

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“As a tutor and lecturer of anatomy & kinesiology for the last 20 years, this book doesn’t disappoint. The questions contained are excellent for both musculo-skeletal and systemic A & P. I really like how the author has broken down each section in a simplified and easy to understand format. Whether you are a student, therapist or tutor, the format of this book will fit your needs perfectly.” – Reviewer

“A brilliant book about the systems of the body with study tips, clear diagrams and revision questions.” – Reviewer

The first really comprehensive book I’ve read. If you’re thinking of learning reflexology, this book is the one you should buy. This book is super amazing, brilliantly informative, and easy to follow. I’m so pleased I purchased it. It took my treatment sessions to a whole new level – thank you.”, clear diagrams and revision questions.” – Reviewer