Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Our hair is a permanent record of the metabolic activity that occurs within our bodies and it reflects nutrient and toxic metal exposure occurring over the previous 8-16 weeks.

Hair tissue analysis indicates:

  • Mineral imbalances, deficiencies or excesses.  People often spend a lot of money buying nutritional supplements and yet their health doesn’t improve.  This can be because they aren’t taking the specific supplement they need or they are taking too much of a supplement that they don’t need and that may even be upsetting the balance of minerals within their bodies.
  • Toxic metal exposure/build up.  People struggling with chronic fatigue or chronic skin conditions that aren’t improving with normal treatment can have a build up of toxins.

This data can help a patient uncover the cause of their health condition (for example, minerals are necessary for the production of hormones as well as enzyme activity) as well as guide them in choosing necessary supplementation. 

I use InterClinical Professional Laboratories for HTMA testing.

If I could give a 12 star review I would. Dr Ruth is the only practitioner (and I have seen many) who actually listens to what you have to say, trusts your intuition and works with you rather than making you feel that perhaps your concerns are not valid. Her friendly and gentle manner are second to none. Her overall health knowledge is incredible. She has unravelled things others have ignored for years. I could not recommend her more highly..”

Kirsty, Perth, 2021