Are you exhausted? Tired of feeling tired? Are you struggling with insomnia, a thyroid problem, periods so heavy they leave you drained? Do you have post-viral fatigue? Or are you simply feeling overwhelmed and burned out?

You can live & breathe a life of energy

Hi, I’m Ruth

I trained as a homoeopathic doctor and complementary therapist and have been helping people rediscover their energy and take back control of their health since 1999. You can find out how here >

I also teach anatomy & physiology and run post-graduate training courses for qualified complementary therapists wishing to extend their skills. If you’re a therapist, you can Learn Online here >

Underlying all my work is a fascination with the human body and a deep belief that we were created to heal ourselves – without excess rules, regimes or medication.

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Let’s hang out

How my approach is different…

  • I take time to get to know you and help you uncover what is really going on. I don’t just look at your current state of health – I get to know your past medical history, your family history and your lifestyle habits.
  • My in-depth knowledge of the human body, coupled with many years experience enables me to quickly identify the root cause of your fatigue.
  • I share everything I know with my clients because I believe we all need to take control of our own health, to understand our bodies and to learn how to heal ourselves.
  • I give you the time and space in which to heal yourself.

My Books

Books by Dr Ruth Hull
Books by Dr Ruth Hull

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