Work with Ruth

If you want to work with me, I ask that you understand that I will not give you a quick ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ for your fatigue and that you need to be patient and gentle with yourself.

It is also important that you are aware that I am a homoeopathic doctor, not medical doctor, and so will not diagnose any conditions or prescribe any allopathic medications.  I prefer to work alongside your medical doctor and if I am at all worried about your condition will refer you for medical care.

Exploratory Call (15 minutes, no charge)

Before you book a consultation with me, please give me a call so we can have a 10-15 minute chat to see if we will work well together or if I think a different health professional would be able to help you better. If we do decide to work together I will follow up the call with an email of medical causes of fatigue that you need to rule out before coming to me – you may need to visit your GP or have blood tests.

Initial Consultation (1.5-2hrs, AUD 250)

During your initial consultation we will take a deep look at your current health, medical history, family history and lifestyle. Together we will explore small, easily achievable changes you can make in your day-to-day life to help you cope with your fatigue and to help strengthen and nourish you. For example, we will look at your diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels.

I will also take a full homoeopathic case and make up a remedy specific to you and your needs. All remedies are included in the price of the consultation.

Over the following few weeks we will chat over email/phone to see how you are progressing.

If you are bringing a child suffering from fatigue or burnout then the parent/guardian needs to stay with the child throughout the consultation. Consultations are shorter, approximately 45mins – 1 hour, and cost AUD 180.

Follow-up Consultation (45mins – 1.5hr, AUD 180)

Depending on your case, I will ask you to come back for a follow-up somewhere between 4-8 weeks after your initial consultation.

We will look at how you are doing, how you are coping and what we need to do next. By this time you should be gaining a bit more energy and able to make bigger changes in your diet and lifestyle so again we will look at your daily habits and work on changing those.

If you need another homoeopathic remedy its cost is included in the price of the consultation.

After this first follow-up consultation we then wait and see how you progress. Some people need to come for a couple of follow-ups every 6-8 weeks while others only need to come once or twice a year. It really all depends on you and your condition.

I am very mindful of the financial burden of chronic fatigue so if you cannot afford one-on-one consultations, then please consider joining my group workshops at The Health Lounge. If you email me and let me know you are interested I will ensure you are placed in a group of other individuals struggling with fatigue and I will be able to tailor the workshop specific to your needs. Remember, these workshops are run both in Perth and online.